22 November 2017

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Elena Adina Stoleru Dominion Acquisitions Limited 1 – Five Bath Street London Ec1v 9lb GB

Elena Adina Stoleru Dominion Acquisitions Limited 1 – 5 Bath Street London Ec1v 9lb GB

I’m a recent graduate with plenty of objectives in existence, as we all do to find the activity I actually have uploaded my c.V on several web sites. I were given a name from a business enterprise saying was selected on preliminary scanning of the c.V she noted her name Adele, became so glad to get the decision prepared myself for the interview as they had invited for that is called 1st spherical of interview with Dominion Acquisition Ltd. As I located my way to the said location which is 1 Bath Street, EC1V9LB, I actually have greeted by a rudest admin I actually have ever come upon, on enquire she stated they paintings for British Red Cross. I waited for greater than 30 minutes in what gave the impression of very shady ecosystem, I saw a lot of individuals who where on foot around in cheap suits, there has been song played loud didn’t at all seem like commercial enterprise surroundings, something kicked my guts to get out, as I stood someone referred to as my name introduced as Adina dressed as Romanian gypsy who asked me to follow her down the stairs to a totally antique dirty looking carpets to a returned workplace, I’m nervous trying a job, and the interview I didn’t recognize head or story she turned into so careworn and could not even speak basic English, she changed into so synthetic was attempting to relate to me and requested me to return subsequent day for 2d round of interview, I actually have in no way been on an interview who asked me to come subsequent day, I became so sceptical when home and did some research at the internet as I didn’t have time within the first region *** this guys are right expert rip-off artiest.

Who calling me The Sweetest Cherry in an Apple Pie: Job rip-off doing the rounds.

I’m writing this text with a deep coronary heart, how human beings are taking benefit of new graduates, it become nothing but a door to door, only commission I’m raging not because it turned into direct income but they refused to mention it any in which, they didn’t even say it became self employed after I requested the query twice, the individual said within the initial cellphone call it was fundamental of two hundred to 500 plus in keeping with week.

I do not need any of my fellow graduated to fall for the lure nor every person who’s suffering to look for the activity.

Kind Regards

Nice Guy


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