18 February 2018

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How To Make A Delicious London Fog Drink

How to Make a Delicious London Fog Drink

Frothy Delight!
Using a coffee system will come up with a frothy drink. In case one is not available, whisk the milk after heating it and enjoy the frothy goodness.
A traditional London fog drink is made from Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, and vanilla syrup. It is likewise referred to as Earl Grey Tea Latte or Vanilla Tea Misto. The origins of this drink may be traced to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was said to have been first made in 2006 with peppermint tea. It has come to be very popular ever since it got here on the Starbucks menu. Earl Grey Latte served at Starbucks is a version of London Fog.

This drink is scrumptious and comforting and it isn’t always very hard to make one at domestic. It calls for just three primary ingredients. For the best London Fog drink recipe, it’s far beneficial to use the Earl Grey tea. It is a Chinese tea flavored with oil of bergamot orange rind, which gives it a citrus taste and aroma. It is without problems available in most stores or can be ordered on-line. In this Buzzle article, you may discover ways to make it and also recognise about some of its versions.

London Fog Drink Recipe

Things wished
◆ Earl grey tea, eight oz..
◆ Steamed milk, four ounces.
◆ Vanilla syrup, 1 oz.

◆ First make the tea. You can use two baggage of Earl Grey tea, if you want it sturdy. But do now not seep for long, because the tea can flip sour. It takes round 4 mins for the tea to brew.

◆ Now upload the steamed milk and vanilla syrup to the tea. You can microwave after which whisk the milk to make it frothier.

◆ That’s it! Your London Fog is prepared!

Nutritional Information

Calories: 210
Fat: 6g
Sodium: a hundred and sixty mg
Carbohydrates: 28g
Protein: 10g
For a more healthy model of this delicious drink, simply alternative milk with soy milk or skimmed milk.

Manchester Fog: Instead of regular milk, soy milk is used and sugar-free vanilla syrup is introduced.

Oregon Mist: A top choice for the health-aware, this variation uses green tea along side amaretto.

Dublin Fog: For this version, Irish Breakfast Tea is used instead of Earl Grey.

Bangalore Fog: Also known as Bombay Fog, it uses Indian chai in region of Earl Grey.

Maui Fog: This is a creamy drink that is flavored with coconut.

Tokyo Fog: For a healthy twist to the conventional recipe, inexperienced tea is used.

Cape Town Fog: This drink uses Rooibos tea as opposed to Earl Grey.

Victoria Fog: This drink is only a version of London Fog. Lavender is introduced whilst brewing the tea for an added flavor.

London Smog: A shot of espresso introduced to the London Fog makes it London smog!

Mexican Fog: This drink makes use of agave syrup in place of vanilla syrup.

Halifax Fog: Use Nova Scotian maple syrup for this drink.

Enjoy the scrumptious London Fog, or try one of its versions. Do let us recognize the way it turned out and proportion your favorites with us!


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